A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Made in 48 hours for the VGAD Game Jam Winter 2019 - Theme: String


You are a private eye tasked with using clues to figure out how the thief stole the Phoenix Sapphire from the museum.

The game is entirely mouse-based. Right-click on events and clues to take a closer look. When you think a clue proves that an event is the one that happened, left-click on the pins in their respective corners to connect them with string. If you make a mistake, click on two connected pins to remove their string. When you think you've proven an event took place,
click and drag the event to the highlighted submission area to see if you're right. Good luck, detective!

 Frog Squad

Alexander Ozero: Programming  
Bella: Art  
Ian Wark: Programming

See README for resource credits


Case of the Phoenix Sapphire_Win.zip 50 MB
Case of the Phoenix Sapphire_Mac.zip 65 MB
Case of the Phoenix Sapphire_Linux.tar.gz 51 MB

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